How to download free PC games

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The best video games for both PCs and consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One today have prices that are not low at all. For this reason those who want to play and entertain a little 'while not a hardcore gamer can often find themselves in trouble. On the console, almost every game that is inserted via DVD is to be bought, while PCs and notebooks with the Windows 10 operating system offer a little more alternatives that allow free play for both children and adults. One of these alternatives are for example free online games , which are played in flash on the web browser.

They are found of all the kinds: games of cars, of war, of kitchen, of football, for girls and many others. The problem is that yes games are free , but often of a very low level even lower than the games for Android and iPhone smartphones. That's why they are not the best alternative for those who want free games really fun and competitive, and not videogames from a game and away like flash games and browser games. Fortunately, even serious games like FPS with advanced graphics, RPG and many others can be downloaded for free. There are indeed many ways to download games for free , and you do not have to lead to piracy and download the crack to do so.

In 2016 the world of gaming is really vast, and in addition to the normal paid games there are also many other free games, such as free to play . With these games you can also use the multi-player mode for free and then play multiplayer with real people around the world. You just need to know where and how to download games, and only with a PC you can have fun and entertain endlessly without spending a euro. We showed you in a guide the best iOS games for iPhone and iPad , while in another guide we showed you the best Android games . With this guide we explain different methods that will teach youhow to download free games for PC .

Warning : the site assumes no responsibility for any content downloaded illegally, and the methods described do not incite piracy. Paid video games as well as all other content must be purchased, is the best choice to support developers and software houses that make them. It is therefore not recommended to use this guide to download pirated content.

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uTorrent is a P2P program among the most veterans in the world that allows you to download free games but also movies, music and much more. It works through the .torrent files , which are small files of a few kb at most with which the download from the program is called. These files are downloaded from the internet, but before downloading them you need to download and install the uTorrent program. With uTorrent you can also download illegal copies of video games, so we invite you to be careful and we discourage you to download paid games as free games without buying them.

Download uTorrent to the link at the end of this paragraph, by clicking on the orange Download uTorrent for Windows button. Then open the downloaded file and then click on Ok , then on Yes and then on Next to continue with the installation of the program. Click on Accept now and then click on Next. Now remove the check from Yes, I'd love to check out this download, otherwise you will install an additional program that you definitely do not need. At the end of the automatic installation process click on Terminate.Now you have to find the game to download for free in the form of torrents, and you can do it using different online services. Among the most famous is Kickass Torrents, but the site is obscured in Italy so you have to access it through a proxy. With the following link you should be able to visit it: Kickass .

Once you have opened the site click on Games and in the search bar write the name of the free games you want to download. Choose one of the search results that appear and then click on the magnet iconto download the torrent and enter it directly into the program. Alternatively you can download the torrent file without entering it in the program by clicking on the arrow pointing down next to the magnet, then click on the downloaded file to enter it in the program later. When uTorrent has recognized the game you will see a preview of the files inside it: click Ok to start the download.

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